Let's celebrate spring coming, 2017

About the project

We celebrate spring coming around Europe for three months. The environment in spring will be explored by students. Let`s share several activities and images of spring time with us in your country. Special days in Spring will be introduced to each partner by images, videos, by sending cards via mail or sharing these cards on TwinSpace. Using WEB 2.0 tools the project is aimed to be more attractive. Spring will be introduced to each partner. Let`s broaden our horizons and open up to other people.


Show the changing of a season by exploring the environment. 
Learn to make crafts or decorations with different materials.
Intercultural communication.
Promote mother tongue and cultures and traditions.


Introduction of schools and cities or towns where we live.
Exploring the nature, games and activities outside - taking photos, recording videos and writing short messages.
Planting trees or flowers activities.
Making crafts for special days or festivals ( Easter Festival, Mothers’ Day , Spring Festival) .
We are singing songs about spring time, flowers, animals.


While having fun, pupils will learn about the changes in spring.
They will be introduced new friends, improve children experience.
Learn about other countries’ traditions and customs,
Publishing progress project (movies, photos, presentation, etc) on TwinSpace platform, website and social network.
Through the project, children will improve their ICT skills, a cooperative skills, team spirit, which will display with the e-book.