Тhe custom Martenitza

The project aims to explore the ethnic heritage of participants associated with the custom "Martenitza." This custom is characteristic of the Balkans and has become a Balkan tradition. It is present in Romania and Moldova, where martenitsa called mărţişor. With martenitsi are decorating in the Republic of Macedonia (hereinafter Martinka), Northern Greece (March) and districts Golo Brdo and Prespa in Albania (Monyak). Martenitsa is familiar to the majority of the population in the Balkans, but wearing martenitsa can be seen in Europe. It is subject to ritual and artistic value, which over the years become more and more important as fits the cultural life of various countries. Martenitsa custom is recognized by UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. The proposed activities will encourage students to learn new things about the first spring ritual. What symbolizes martenitsa and what is being done. Students will enroll and swapped stories about martenitsa tales and legends of his people. Sammy will produce martenitsa. Will make an exhibition and will share it with their partners. Finally, create an e-book with stories and legends about martenitsa from all parties involved in the project.


The project aims at provoking children's interest in the native
historical heritage. To develop the children's imagination and desire for creativity. Forming respectful and respect for different cultures.
During the project the children will work in teams or small groups and will develop cooperation skills, observation and criticism.


Getting to know your partners. It will be a schedule of activities. Each partner will talk about custom Martenitza. Children will learn about the materials of which are made martenitsa. We will paint, lined, twisting martenitsa. We will discover and share poems and songs martenitsas. We can dramatize the story. We can make holiday on the topic. We can visit the exhibition. We will upload photos, video. At the end of the project all the collected stories will make the e-book.


We are planning together with the partners to make the project results to the public. We envisage forming in children from an the different Member participating in the project of emotional, cognitive, social and moral competence We are convinced that it will develop communication skills and master the practical ways of cooperative learning and teamwork.







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