Outdoor learning in our countries

About the project

Sharing outdoor activities and make an e-book


1- Share outdoor activities
2- Improve foreign language competence 
3- Improve skills to work in team, in cooperation
4- To learn more about education, culture and traditions in European countries 


3 months 
I- Presents ourselves
II -Share outdoor activities and fill the form
III- Make a e-book


The students will improve their language and digital skills 
They will ill improve their competence of project - based learning and colaboration 
They will learn about outdoor activities of their partners 
Sharing a common product


The history of this project is very interesting, because it was started on live in Sibenic, Croatia. We met there with Daniela and Liliana at the eTwinning seminar about outdoor learning.

Снимка на Daniela Fernandes.

Знак за качество