Winter is my favourite season of the year

About the project

Winter as my favourite season of the year! What makes you think winter is the most beautifull season of the year. We suggest discussing all the Christmas preparations, including: traditions, decorations,celebrations, winter sports, activities, nativity play, Christmas dishes, spending winter holidays (winter breakes- when we don't go to school), wishes for the New Year, celebrating New Year"s Eve and New Year.


The main aim of the project is to present a piece of our culture: Christmas traditions, winter activities etc. to students from other countries, as well as find out something about them.
The aims of this project are:
To show a piece of our culture,
To motivate students to learn English,
To improve communicative skills,
To learn tolerance and respect towards one another.


Our Winter project lasts from December to March.
Each preschool and school presents:
the traditional Christmas cards,
the recordings with Christmas and winter songs to their students,
the video with winter activities,
exchange experience through video conference,
sharing opinions


Students know the other cultures and their traditions, building knowlage about another contries and languages. Students can use different technics of communication for example: skype, e-mail. They know new computer programs: MSPaint, GIMP, MS Word.

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