Happy Easter!

About the project

4-11 years old students from different countries are invited to make a short video about Easter Greetings. They introduce themselves in the contact language (English) and then make an Easter Greeting in English and in their native language. The common product will be an interactive map of Europe, which show how people say “Happy Easter!”!


Students from different European countries say "Happy Easter" in English and in their own language. They show Easter spirit in their classroom, make a video and share it.
We aim to show students that we are part of one European community and to find new friends.


March - May
1. Present yourself.
2. Easter greetings video.
3. Learn about partners.
4. Make common product.


1. The students will improve their language and digital skills.
2. They improve their competence of project-based learning and collaboration.
3. They learn how to say "Happy Easter" in different European languages.
4. They will share on Twinspace the common product - an interactive European map.


Common product

Проектът е награден с Национален знак за качество!

Снимка на Tony Panayotova.

Снимка на Tony Panayotova.